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1st of June, 2008 The Launch of Science Today Magazine

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We, Eye2Eye Strategies, are a consultancy agency, an aggressive and determined organization that strives for excellence in every commitment we take. We will maintain our focus and do what we believe we do best.
We elaborate on overall strategic planning for our clients in order to maximize their potential and to become a partner in their success.
There has never been a time when effective "Human Resources" has been more important. They are the critical force in business success because they have the power to affirm and change people's perceptions and behavior. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, industry or individual's (professionals) internal communications are at the heart of creating leaders, building teams, winning support for new ideas, and delivering value to clients and customers. At Eye2Eye Strategies, The real treasure is the team.
We have entered a business era that has been transformed by constant change and transformation of leadership challenges, evolving technologies, global markets that can best be described as unpredictable, lightning-fast and unforgiving. Hence, we believe that all types of business need strategic Consultancy Support.
In our tasks we are considering the emergence of key stakeholder groups whose voices are resounding strongly such members are from the media, the financial community, industry analysts, the general public, customers, shareholders and employees. Those influence groups – government regulators, special interest groups, policymakers, activists, lobbyists, and online/offline influencers – represent society's changing values.
It is essential that Marketing Management Professionals understand these new values; more closely align their clients' behavior with them; and create relevant, credible and transparent communications that satisfy the needs of their clients and stakeholders.
By sharing knowledge, insights and expertise, and applying the lessons we learn from one another to our own strategic approaches and professional development, we can more successfully meet our clients challenge, and they can grow through opportunities found in today's business environment.

Ragheb Abushahba



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